Choice Rewards

As a CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard® cardholder, you have exclusive access to the CHOICE REWARDS points program. With every purchase made on your CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard®, you collect points that are redeemable for free travel and merchandise.

Your points can be applied towards any kind of travel (i.e. airline tickets, hotel, car rental, package holidays) offered by the CHOICE REWARDS Travel Agency.

Choose from over 100 popular brand name items in the CHOICE REWARDS catalogue, including kitchen, household, jewellery, bed and bath, personal care, leisure, health & fitness, tools, electronics & home entertainment, and toys.

Or redeem your points for online specials which showcase unique items at discounted point values for a limited time or while quantities last. Online specials may include special gift certificates, merchandise, or travel offers.

MasterCard® CHOICE REWARDS Calculator

Click here to check out the CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard® Rewards Calculator. This calculator allows you to see how many CHOICE REWARDS points you could earn, each month with the varied MasterCard Credit Card offers!