What do I need when I open my account?

When you open a personal account, we will ask to view and verify your photo identification – for example, your driver’s license, status card, or passport. If you do not have an original, valid and unexpired photo identification, we may verify your information by accessing your credit file, or you may provide us with 2 separate, acceptable and recent documents containing your name and i) address, ii) birth date and/or iii) credit statement – such as your most recent utility bill and credit card statement – to verify your identity. Click here to download the Access to Basic Banking link for more types of acceptable ID.          

In our first meeting, we will also ask you to provide your occupation and employment information.

Can I make my account joint?

At any time, you can add someone else on to your account. You can also appoint someone to act as Power of Attorney, for example, if you are travelling and need someone to look after your financial affairs while you are away from home.  

How can I access my account?

We provide online banking, a mobile banking application, as well as access through ATM, telephone banking and point of sale transactions. If you need cheques, they can be ordered as well. And of course, you can come into the branch or community banking centre nearest to you and talk to any one of our FNBC professionals.

Well – I don’t live anywhere close to a branch. Can I still be a customer?

One of the unique characteristics of First Nations Bank of Canada is that we understand that banking services are important whether you live in a large urban community or on a remote reserve or village.  We are able to assist with a remote account opening. Simply fill out this application. We can still match up the right account for your needs and provide you with an access card, which is the key to banking wherever you are.  

What if I need other services? Can I talk to you about that?

We would be happy to review your needs and make recommendations. We know that our clients want peace of mind about their financial health, convenient access to their funds, and value added options for earning and saving money.  First Nations Bank can help!

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