2-Step Verification & Self-Serve Password Reset

2-Step Verification is a more secure way to login to Online Banking, protecting your account from unauthorized access. This is an additional and highly effective security measure we have added to the login process to Online and Mobile Banking as well as Online Banking for Small Business. 2-Step Verification involves entering an auto-generated verification code, that you receive separately through text or email, in addition to your debit card number and password.

All customers who bank online are required to enroll in 2-Step Verification.

View 2-Step Verification Enrollment Guide

Self-Serve Password Reset is an Online Banking feature that allows you to reset your Online Banking Password whenever you need to. To use the feature, you will need to validate with your Date of Birth and you must be already enrolled in 2-Step Verification.

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Frequently Asked Questions - 2-Step Verification

Why is 2-Step Verification required?

We are committed to providing you with a safe and protected online banking experience. 2-Step Verification is a great way to reduce fraud risks and further secure your online banking.

As cyber-threats become more sophisticated, we need to ensure that our customers are protected by industry standard authentication measures, providing peace-of-mind knowing you are better protected.

How to Enroll in 2-Step Authentication

The process is quite straightforward — just follow the prompts.  Click here to view the enrollment guide

Is the Login to Online Banking different?

To access Online Banking, please use the Online Banking Login button via our homepage and you will experience an additional prompt for a verification code when Logging in.  After that your Online Banking experience is what you are used to.  You will also experience this additional prompt in the Mobile App as well.

Don’t forget that your verification code is only valid for 10 minutes once generated. Each new code would also replace any previous codes sent to you, so remember to only use the most current one.

Does 2-Step Verification replace the use of challenge questions and answers for login?

Yes it does. Because generated verification codes only last a brief time, they are more secure than challenge questions and answers that are in use today.

Can I register for 2-Step Verification via both text and email?

Yes! When you first enroll, you can enter only one choice (text or email) to receive notifications. However, you can update your contact information using the Profiles and Preferences screen to add another notification method. You will still need to select either text or email as your preferred method of notification, and you can only register one email and one phone number.

I didn't receive my verification code, what do I do?

If you didn't receive a verification code, select the "Send a new verification code" link on the Enter Your Verification Code screen to have a new code sent.  If you have registered for 2-Step Verification using an email address, make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

What if I lose my phone or cannot access my email?

If you are unable to access your mobile phone or email associated with your two-Step Verification login, please Contact Us to reset your two-Step Verification. You will be prompted to re-enroll when logging into Online Banking.

What should I keep in mind if I travel out of the country?

If you are planning a trip outside of Canada, remember to check whether you have selected text notification or email as your 2-Step Verification notification method. If you have selected text notification but will not have your usual mobile device with you on your trip, you can update your contact information to receive these kinds of notifications by email.

Frequently Asked Questions – Self-Serve Password Reset

Why is the "Forgot Password" function not working?

There could be a few reasons including:

  1. You are not registered for 2-Step Verification
    You must already be enrolled in 2-Step Verification to use the ‘Forgot Password’ tool.
  1. You have exceeded your verification attempts
    If you are registered for 2-Step Verification, but you have entered a Date of Birth incorrectly more than three times, you will be unable to use the Forgot Password feature for 24 hours.
  1. You are an organization, business, or small business online banking user
    If so, the Forgot Password feature is not available to you at this time.
  1. New password does not meet password requirements
    Online Banking requires a strong password to be set.

Is Self-Serve Reset Password available on the mobile app?

This feature is available utilizing our mobile apps.


Is Self-Serve Reset Password available for Businesses?

This feature is not available to businesses.

If you have forgotten your password, and are unable to use the Forgot Password feature, Contact Us and we will assist you with resetting your password.